About Us

Whether it’s Digital Marketing, IT Support or Security, it’s all about listening and finding solutions to your problems.

Why WLS IT Solutions?

You may not realise it, but IT is likely to be an integral part of your business, no matter what industry it operates, your business relies on various software, computers, peripherals and, of course, staff members to operate it all.

Information Technology goes far beyond a typical computer workstation and user. Most business executives are surprised when they learn how deeply they rely on IT, especially in areas they least expect. The equipment you have is an essential tool for your employees to carry out their job. They need them to work reliably, and you need your staff to be efficient.


Does your IT provider help your business to grow? 
Do they know your business well enough to be able to offer you the right advice?

At WLS IT Solutions we do know technology, as we spend more time among machines and computers than anything else.

But what makes us shine is that we understand the business process and how a business operates. This allows us to put forward an IT Solution Plan that will make a significant positive impact on your business, making things easier and accessible, whilst always being prepared for when new errors occur.

We will completely remove the daily problems that come with operating your business’s key tools, allowing you to focus on your business.



What else could we do for you?

In addition to our IT Support & Security, we also ensure that our clients benefit from a reliable Business Telephony system, making it easy for information to be communicated securely and without any drawback. 

Finally, with our Digital Marketing services we can help your company expand it’s reach into the digital world, for the purpose of increasing your client base and generate higher revenue.

How are we Different?

Quality Customer Service

Client satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do. We’ll keep your IT systems running efficiently so that your staff can get on with their jobs and your business can thrive. Time is money, after all.

Due to our experience, we’ve learned how to make our clients happy, and we have also learned what makes clients unhappy. 

The main reason WLS IT Solutions exists is because we know that other companies do not put the customer first, and as a result, the quality of their IT Services is disappointing.


Diversity of Skills & Expertise

Between us we’ve built up more than 60 years experience in IT and Marketing.

We focus exclusively on small to medium businesses (or SME‘s) and understand the challenges these companies face on a day-to-day basis.

Whether it’s new installations, slow computers, internet issues, printer problems, access rights or more, it’s highly likely you’re after good quality IT Support.

Our head office is nestled beneath the backdrop of the beautiful Malvern Hills, and conveniently situated near to the cathedral cities of Worcester, Hereford and Gloucester. In fact, our reach stretches to clients throughout Worcestershire, Herefordshire, Shropshire, Gloucestershire and beyond. 


Our Ethos

We’ve helped many businesses grow with the use of technology and love to be part of your journey. We take pride in hearing about your company’s success story.

We’d like you to see us as your ‘external IT department’ or your ‘outsourced IT Helpdesk‘, without the headaches of running the team, and pledge to work closely with your business to become a trusted advisor.

Why choose us?

The Personal Touch

Fed up of being placed on hold, or left hanging with an automated call system? We’re not chat bots - every query is handled by one of our professional staff.

Bespoke Solutions

Our business is like no other IT business, so why would your business be just like another from your industry? We don’t have off-the-shelf solutions as no two businesses are the same - we offer solutions tailored to make your business succeed.


We keep your system running efficiently, but we also enjoy educating your staff – shared knowledge can only be a good thing. So, whether it’s the latest security best practices or support for every day IT tasks, we’re there for you and your team.

A Wealth of Experience

Thankfully, father time has been kind to us. Although there might be the odd grey hair here or there, we’ve got bags of knowledge from many years in the IT and communication industries.

Proactive Support

We offer multiple ways for you to get in touch with us when you have a problem, as our aim is to ensure you don’t actually need to contact us when there is a problem. We’ll work in the background to ensure your business keeps on working.

Quality Partnerships

You are the experts in your business and we’re the experts for your IT network. Because we are a Microsoft Silver Partner, it means we’ve proven consistency, expertise and commitment to other companies like yours.

Our senior executives

WLS IT Solutions Senior Staff - Flavius - Head of Digital Marketing

Flavius Nitu

Digital Marketing Manager

Benefiting from a decade of experience, Flavius is an all-rounded Digital Marketing specialist with a proven track record of helping various companies expand their business into the digital world, connect with new audiences and generate profit.

WLS IT Solutions Senior Staff - Dan - Managing Director

Dan Rowbottom

Managing Director

With over 22 years in the IT industry, Dan likes nothing more than meeting clients and helping to solve problems with the use of technology and marketing. He is committed to using this knowledge to help your business succeed.

WLS IT Solutions Senior Staff - Tony - Technical Manager

Tony Darch

Technical Manager

Tony has been supporting users and businesses for 20 years, keeping their IT systems up and running. Experienced in most operating systems, he thrives on getting his teeth into complex problems and resolving them.