Business Telephony

Communicate your information with confidence.

Every business is dependent
on reliable communication systems

Internet Hosted Phone Systems

With our Horizon phone system you can connect your office phone to your preferred device - laptop, PC or phone; it grants you full control of your account so you can take incoming calls remotely. The Horizon Desktop Client also helps reduce costs of entry to a hosted solution, as well as costs involved with moving or calling specific locations.

IT Helpdesk and Support

Should any unexpected error may occur and you require support or advice regarding problem solving or software updates, then you should know that we are available to help you. Our friendly and skilled staff will always aim at keeping downtime at minimum and provide you with the quality customer service that defines our company.

Setup and Customisation

There is no need to worry about hidden or extra costs regarding telephone setup, software installations or the consultancy you will receive as part of our Business Telephony package. We take pride in being straightforward, honest and transparent with the value and services that we provide for our customers.