The Big Telephone Switch Off

The change affects everyone and you need to be ready

Now you may not know what PSTN (Public Switch Telephone Network for those interested!) is, and quite frankly why should you? You rely upon experts in their own field to make sure your business can communicate with the rest of the world! However, in 2025 the telecoms industry is moving to a fully digital service. This is a change that affects everyone. Every business and every home.

Why the change?

The problem is with today’s modern world and the demands of modern communication, the existing ‘analogue’ network cannot keep up. The move to fully digital is essential and marks a big step forward.

Once the switch off is fully completed, every device that connected to the current phone network will need to connect via the internet instead.

That is every device and not just telephones! Your Alarm System, your Fax machine (yes they are still used!), door entry systems and Electronic Points of Sale machines (Tills) all need to communicate effectively and efficiently.

You may also need to update your broadband or router as part of the change too.

What should I do?

If you have not yet made the switch to fibre broadband yet, you should start to consider it now if it is available in your area. Fibre has been rolled out to most places by now, so you should have access soon if it is not already available.

This is also a good opportunity to consider moving to a modern telephone system for your business so you can benefit from better call quality, lower costs and features that help improve customer experience

If you would like any help or advice on the steps to take to protect yourself and keep connected as the switch off takes place, get in touch today.

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